Oak sign

So latest project (without the tray - funny story that, when i returned my GF for service I assumed I needed to send the tray back… So I don’t have a tray right now… Anyway, one of the instructors at the stable where I ride asked if I could make a red-oak large barn sign for her new stable that she is opening. She liked my trail signs I did in red oak, and just wanted a very large sign (48" long x 8") so that obviously had to be cut in sections since I A) have a basic and B) wouldn’t fit through the pro slot anyway as it is 0.4" thick. This seemed like an excellent trial of snap mark testing

So into illustrator i made the sign:


Then since I have had better luck with huge engraves using PNG rather than SVG I brought the sign into Photoshop. I then used the Slice-Select tool and chose Slice Divide to make it into uniform sections. My plan is to cut the sections then uses a dowel tool to connect the sections. I did a few test samples for Angela and she really liked it

(the newest addition to the stable, baby Rocky, seemed suspicious that I could align a 48" sign made out of panels…)

So first did a sample with just her logo, and of course forgot masking paper so it gets so grungy with red oak with the outdoor grade Shellac.

Then a sample of the actual first panel with masking paper, and no shellac:

Then I designed a new tray with the right offset and snap marks so I can make all the panels.

which I made out of draft board in OnShape and just added the snap marks on the DXF in illustrator right near where the feet attach on the top plate (which I ironically had to cut without a tray, which is non trivial)

Now onto the 12 hours of combined engraving to produce the rest of the sign (I will amend once the sign is finished).


This is a good post about Snapmark potential. I did get the beta use option for Zatoichi, but it didn’t get pushed to the two newer ones, so I have to re-request it. I have a back load of projects so haven’t asked. I am swearing off mega projects for a while.

This use of breaking up a longer piece using Snapmark is motivating me.


Good luck with all that—hope it goes well. Should be very cool when finished!


Wow … big project … can’t wait to see the finished sign!

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