Oak veneer mdf core plywood settings

Hey gang.

just did a quick engrave on some oak veneer plywood from Menard’s

it looks really great and the engrave did just fine.

hit a snag when I went to cut it out.

i used the same cut settings I had used from some other plywood. and that was just not quite slow enough to cut all the way through…

so I thought I’d ask here if anybody had used that product already.

If not I will run a trial and post my results. :slight_smile:

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You’ll have an answer before you get a reply :slight_smile:


I will run that when I get back home.

I didn’t see that original post. thanks for the heads up!

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Just to kind of reinforce the point - even if you have settings from other people, you should always test your material on your machine. In the case of most products, it’s faster to just run those tests as you will almost always need to adjust them a little anyway.

Keep a small test file (mine is much simpler than above) in your library and you can quickly test any new material.

ya this is true. I have gotten to use Beamer so little I’m way behind the curve on this.

OK folks…

oak veneer MDF core plywood from Menard’s 125 zooms and Max Pews!
for cutting