Object recognition



Any chance to try this yet @takitus?
I know you have your hands full, just wondering :thinking:


I haven’t. I caught a sinus infection last week and have been out of order since. Hopefully will be back in the land of the living soon


Get better man, don’t mean to add anything on top of that.
Stay well hydrated, cuz that pile of kleenex in front of you … :no_mouth:


Bummer! Hoping you feel better soon. :tea: <—hot tea


Get well soon.


Hope you’re feeling up to snuff soon. (Yeah, okay, maybe that wasn’t the best way to phrase it…)


Being sick sucks


I know that feel bro, get well soon!


I did this over the weekend in a way that totally blew my mind… got some video & pics, will see if I can do something cool with it soon.


You mean the object detection and not the sinus infection, right? 'Cause there’s some things we don’t need to see video of… :wink:


Great! Look forward to your method and results. :sunglasses:


Sinus pressure will do that.