Observation of initial calibration behavior

It seems to me that there is a bug in the Setup directions that lead to unnecessary calibration head-banging.

Normally, when the Glowforge parks its head, it places it in the back left position. Thus the normal calibration sequence begins by moving the gantry forward, and then the head moves right.

However, the setup instructions have you move the head plate to the back right to attach the head, and then turn on the Glowforge.

Thus the calibration starts with the head on the right side instead of the left. Since the Glowforge cannot detect the head position, it must be assuming it was where it normally leaves it when it parks the head.

Shouldn’t the setup instructions be changed to have the user move the head to the left side of the gantry before turning the Glowforge on the first time after installing the head?


Short version: It doesn’t seem to matter.

Long version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOos8qdry48

Hey. That is a great point. I hadn’t thought of this possibility that folks don’t park the head after placing head to the back. Wonder if that has been one of the issues.

Not an authoritative answer, but my impression for the one-time start from the right was to help make sure that the ribbon cable was installed and laid out correctly. My PRU evidenced the head-rattling on startup from time to time, and my two-month old Basic did it exactly once (as of 11/6). YMMV.

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Thank you for the feedback – we’ll consider that!