Octagon flag, thing

Greetings -

On my way to making the Omega Mart Sign project. My mock up was a 50% scale octagon in blue, cause it what I had plenty of, and the scale equalled about 12" in diameter.

Since I had this little octagon, and plans for the side banner panels as well, which I could just scale to 50%, might as well make a smaller version. I add some GF laser items, making it a good exercise of using the benefits of both tools on one item. And I have an idea…

I haven’t engraved denim in a long time, so let’s do that for the center section, instead of felt.

And my go to graphic, with some light burn practice -

And this will do quite nicely -

Since I just scaled the side panels pieces to 50% of the original, there are 6 (mini) sections on the banners. It’s a flag theme, so what other color would you print them…

Bling -

I also replaced the top and bottom sections of the blue octagon with red, to tie in, just like on the Omega. And in case you’re wondering the costs – the Octagon and banners there was 400gm of 3d print filament. So $8-$10 worth.

It took most of a 36x48 foam board pack, as there is one full sheet across the back, and several layers inside the Octagon - Add $16. (Could also use cardboard to save half that.)

With the full sheet across the back, you can hot glue any kind of mount to it. The whole thing weighs less than 2#.

The Denim was no charge from scrap clothing -

Some ‘vinyl’ cut to fit the foam board side panels - $5

Add some Elmers, and call it around $30, so not cheap. But it is nice quality and sturdy, for what it is.

Ya, I don’t know what that is either, or what you would use it for. But I like it, so we’ll call it a happy experiment.




Very nice!


Sometimes it’s fun to tinker. Stretch our mind to new projects.


I always love how you describe your process. Looks like it turned out to be pretty large with the sides added on to it. But I like the look - especially the denim.


Great build pics. End result is fantastic.


Hmm, I got some translucent filament and looking to scale up this kind structure. My Ghost Table is looking kind of sad and in need of replacement.

Hmmm, some version of this could work.

I’m going to think on this…