October 2023 Update

So, I just got back from the factory.

It’s hard to believe that we launched Glowforge Aura in July, only a few months ago. We just hit a major production milestone – we built our BIG NUMBER Glowforge Aura. Wait, I’m not supposed to say what the number is. I’ll just say that it was YEARS before we built our BIG NUMBER Glowforge ever, and it was just a couple of months before we built the BIG NUMBER Aura.

To celebrate, I got to fly to the factory and watch the BIG NUMBER Aura get made. Some very patient workers showed me each and every step, and we celebrated with a massive lunch and gift bags for everyone.

And I got to talk to them about how, with their own hands, they were building dreams - dreams that people would use to make their own creations a reality. It was intoxicating. (Or maybe it was the four espressos I had at the airport, hard to tell).

We’re all creating more so you can create, too. The popularity of Glowforge Aura really has us working to keep up with demand. If you haven’t been able to find one in stores near you, I have great news: they’re coming in stock this week. Most stores only have 1 or 2 so far, but more deliveries are coming regularly, so just ask!

Or if you can’t wait for it to come in stock (and you can wait for a few days for delivery), you can now order directly from us and have it at your door in just a couple days. (I’ve taken advantage of the iconic orange color – we call it aurange – to get into the holiday spirit. Behold my … aura-lantern!)

I can’t wait to see what you’re making. Until next month!

– dan

A faster connection

We’ve sped up network connections by up to 40% this week, so your web interface will be faster than ever before! I’ve been enjoying the difference while I help my son work on his Halloween masterpiece (to be ironed on to a sweatshirt tomorrow)

Easy-to-find Aura prints

Glowforge Aura owners can now filter the Catalog for Aura-compatible designs, so you can more quickly find your next favorite Aura print. (If you have a Glowforge Basic, Plus, or Pro, you can print anything from the Catalog!)

Halloween Contest in Community Chat

We want to see your spookiest, creepy-crawliest, most unique, and funniest Halloween creations! Show us what you’re making this spooky season on your Glowforge, and we’re giving away Proofgrade gift certificates to the winners (our brilliant t-shirt design is, sadly, ineligible). For more details and to enter, join the the #halloween-contest channel in the Glowforge Community Chat.