October Update!


Will Glowforge give one?


I refresh every minute.


Can’t be that far away… :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sure it is going to be very soon.


Agreed. This will be the month they arbitrarily decide they will not make an announcement. For no other reason than to mess with people’s minds. It’ll be fun to watch us all squirm.


October was cancelled this year. We’re already in November. Did you forget to wind your chronometer forward?


Shoot! THIS is the leap month?! I thought that was November?!
Oh, right… Obama decided it was November so Trump changed it to October. I forgot.


I have been checking a lot, but seems like silence on the wire. I am hoping the update is so big and awesome it takes a few extra days to get delivered… lol


I don’t trust observers

giphy (6)


Glowforge will redefine the word October to mean Winter and November to mean Spring and then they will meet their schedule.


the GF equation… interesting.



This is what I see in my mind every time I hear “common core math”.


many professionals with applied mathematics degrees (PhD) began with “common core math”


Has there been a month that didn’t have an update this year (knowing that some months had an early update)?


Well… “common core” started in 2009. Don’t know how many of those kids have a PHD quite yet.


100% true… but I’m assuming he is trying to make a conservative/political point with his comment, many in this world do not know this began in 09 and use the term “common core” to attack the Public School system.

and my apologies to Jason if my assumptions are incorrect


well sure…

common-core US history! bhawaaaha sob.


The Glowforge team could argue that they have been giving us updates twice a week, so no large monthly update is needed - We know they are on basic day 10 orders and pro day 5 orders thanks to the site banner.


True, if you want to trigger the “fine print” clause. But I prefer the handshake and gentlemen’s agreement course of action.


lol… good one