Odd preset behaviour in Affinity Designer

I’ve tried to create a preset (called Glowforge) with the dimensions of 508 x 304.8 mm, however when I save this the 2nd dimension always reverts to 297 mm.

Any thoughts of an Affinity issue?

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It might help if you said what platform this is happening on.


I only rarely use Affinity Design, but this might help (although the discussion is inches) Affinity design settings


I use Affinity Design, as well…but, I use inches. Here is the ‘new document’ that I use each time.

When I change it to mm, it goes right to this;

I did create a preset for Glowforge with these settings, though I’m not really sure why, as it never defaults to that preset when I open a new document.

Perhaps you might see something in my settings that will give you a clue as to why yours changes the height setting.


It’s weird, in latest version if you set in the New Document section it always reverts to the 297 mm, however if you set in Document Settings (after opening a document), it’s saved correctly. Hopefully should be OK, have reported in the Serif forums.


Good idea.

Hmm. Mine always defaults to my Glowforge preset. I’ll dig in later to remember how I did it.

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That would be most appreciated. I never could understand what the point of making a preset was if it didn’t pop up when you needed it. Maybe it’s some other setting/preference that I’ve missed somewhere.

Drat! It works for me because the only thing I use AD for is GF files. AD defaults to the last preset used, so I always get the GF preset. :lying_face:


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