Affinity design settings

So, I’m banging around Affinity designer. So far things are going pretty well.
I found the SVG export settings here

I’m looking for a way to set a custom paper size to 20x12, so far no luck.
Has anyone figured out how to do this, and make it the default page size for the app?

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This is the only thing I use AD for, so once I set these up the first time, it automagically loads them every time. I’m sure there’s a better way, but this was my “good enuf” answer…

I know common wisdom says set the DPI to 96, but this preserves the resolution of any embedded bitmaps to be engraved.


I’m pretty sure there’s no way to make new presets. But whenever you create a new document it uses the size of the last one you made. So mine is always 20"×12".

If you want multiple presets, I’d create a few blank template files with various sizes set and duplicate those rather than using the File->New command.


Agreed. Here’s the latest post I could find on the AD forum:

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No, currently it’s not possible to save page presets.
It may become available in a future version but there’s no timeframe yet.

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Thanks all!
Templates it is!