Off... by a lot!

OK folks, having major alignment issues… not sure what to do. As you can see the image is lined up properly over my material per the camera- but, when I go to print it, it is INCHES off (this isnt a matter of 3 clicks left and 1 up or similar as I have read about).
It starts the bottom of the H at the very edge of the tray (where my finger is pointing in the 1st image). Suggestions???

The pictures don’t seem to work, but I guess a reasonable first question to ask is whether you’ve done a calibration. (Lid Camera Calibration Beta)

Also, is this a new problem or did you just get the machine? What steps have you tried (cleaning, ensuring the material is flat and held down, etc.)?


Are you using proofgrade materials and is the proper one selected? If you are not using Proofgrade materials, did you use the set focus tool before placing your design? If you did’t use set focus, did you input a focus height manually?

Please take a screenshot of your settings and Glowforge bed and drag/drop it into a reply.

I’m sorry your prints didn’t turn out as you expected. All of @chris1 suggestions are great to help improve the accuracy of your prints. Often, when we see an offset as large as the one you’ve described, it occurs because the head was physically moved or accidentally bumped, which affects the current calibration.

I’m afraid we need a bit more information to narrow it down. Do you know the date and time (including time zone) when this happened so we can investigate for you?

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Chris1 and others… THANK YOU! I had not seen anything regarding the Lid Camera Calibration Beta elsewhere- but that resolved my issues. Not sure how it got that far off (though I think it was like that since I started just a week or two ago- but not it is fixed. Thank you!! Happy Holidays!

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Thanks for the answer @Chris1 and others, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!