Off grid in the jungles of Mexico...Do I bring my Glowforge?

Hi, I’ve been on the fence about bringing my Glowforge down to the humid, solar powered, crazy creatures and everything else we live with in the jungle off the Pacific coast of Mexico. I would be grateful for any opinions, experiences or advice :slight_smile: My biggest concerns…what type of solar pull will it take to run? If it breaks, how will I get it fixed…could I find someone to help here in Mexico because shipping back and forth would be too much? Chances it will make it in tact with a moving company switching trucks a few times on the way? it’s like 70% humidity (or more), temps range 75-90F and I will be living in a somewhat open air constructed house with decent air flow. It seems like an obvious answer of no, but I had to put that thing in storage shortly after receiving one of the first machines. Years of ideas are screaming to be forged! TIA


If you don’t have internet you won’t be able to use your :glowforge:

I would be concerned with the power quality also (but that is just out of ignorance).

I, personally, would not.

… of course being away from my :glowforge: that long would drive me nuts too.


There is internet. …sometimes not. We also just got Starlink in the area…so I am considering an upgrade. Its insanely expensive to have anything moved here too…so I know how crazy it is…but it could provide an awesome side hustle. I could also find a home for it in town…in more controlled conditions. I’m concerned most about the cost it will take to move and it breaking and becoming useless. Thanks for chiming in!


The operating environment you describe seems challenging at best.


I would be leaning towards, no. I suppose you could just take your chances with it. If it survives the move and if it ‘works’ after arrival, then just use it until it no longer runs and call it good.


Does not sound like a good idea to me. The machine also has a shelf life, however, so I wouldn’t expect it to perform well when you get back.

Mine is 5 years old and steadily deteriorating now, and I haven’t used it much.


Good to know. I wondered how it will operate when I go back. Sounding like a friend is about to be gifted a fun new gadget.


That would be best if you’re not expecting to be back soon.

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i would only bring it if you can afford to have it have issues and be able to wait until you’re back to civilization.


If you can give it to a friend, you can keep designing and have your friend cut? Shipping cut things down to Mexico will also be pricey of course!

I will say, there are other users in Mexico (per this) and even more humid areas so maybe talk to someone who’s already doing what you’re doing (presuming you can find them!)


Think of your Glowforge as a favored house pet. If they would be unhappy then the Glowforge would be unhappy. Lack of AC would be a worry on both heat and humidity.
If you have Starlink then I think that would solve your need for internet. If you have a friend than can allow you to cut while they manage the machine in real time, that would be pretty ideal, except they might need to send you the result to finish yourself.

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For what it´s worth, I´ve had my Glowforge in Mexico for 4 years now, but in the city in a civilized urban setting.

Of course when I imported it into Mexico I knew it was a 1 way trip, since getting it through customs and international freight was going to make it prohibitive to send it back for repairs.

I have only had to replace myself the black ribbon cable once, and the international delivery for that was 3 times the cost of the cable.


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