Off Topic: Ergonomics

I just came back from a visit to my “shoulder doctor” and gave him a link ( to a pg where I wrote up all the ergonomic steps I’ve taken in the 5 yrs since I’ve been seeing him… I’ve been binge typing for 20 years so have trashed muscles and tendons in my right arm/neck/shoulder (the muscles are MUCH better now, so maybe the ergonomic-improvement steps have helped)

anywho, as I gave him the url, I said that he’d be one of maybe 3 people on the planet who might find it interesting, but then I thought of this group… plenty of nerds here who probably “binge-code”.

The coolest/nerdiest thing on the pg is a script that lets me type with just my left hand on the left side of my keyboard… I’m also addicted to my foot-pedals, though. I miss them when I’m working from home.


I see possibilities for drivers with disabilities…

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Nice collection you have there, well written together.

I’ve never seen that mouse before, wonder how it works for a click and resize or click and drag. That is where touchpads are really bad in Photoshop in my opinion.

The mouse (think “rolling pin, which also moves side to side, at the base of my keyboard”) was probably a major contributor to letting my shoulder heal. I’d been reaching over to use a mouse so much it was exactly those muscles which became damaged. Now I don’t reach.

For clicking: there are right and left “mouse” click buttons in the center/under my thumbs. There’s a 3rd button too which defaults to a double-click (I think it can be programmed?!). There are also little buttons for “copy” and “paste”.

“Click and drag” and “click and resize” are no problem. Use the click btn with one hand, and with the other hand (either fingers or thumb), roll the “rolling pin” and slide it back and forth/sideways. It is very easy to do with both hands.

(Sadly, part of what I try to do is to NOT use my right hand, but it is quite difficult to click and drag just one-handed.)


Thanks! Nice resource!