Humbled: A Farewell to Arms

“The” email came, and my GF is on its way!

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating - the folks on this forum are wonderful and do amazing things. That is both inspiring and humbling. The GF seems like a tool that will be wonderful for both “power” users and noobs like me who just want to make pretty little boxes.

For many months, I’ve gleefully and obsessively designed things in Inkscape, longing for the GF so I could see them come to life, spend time refining designs, etc. It took a lot of effort for me to refrain from saying, “if we had the GF, we could use it for that.” out loud too much… but I’ve said it enough that my husband is also pretty thrilled about getting a GF.

and then - wham. reality.

I’ve been pretty quiet on the forum (and everywhere else) for a couple of months because my arms are in pretty bad shape - lots of pain, not enough sleep, etc. So I’m typing outside of work as little as possible. It’s a “first world problem”, and I’ve got great medical care, and this is probably nothing more than repetitive stress issues that physical therapy will resolve.

[in this post, Off Topic: Ergonomics: , I “brag” about a script that lets me type with just my left hand on the left side of my keyboard, and yes, that really helped my right arm heal, but now my left is in bad shape - woof… I’m running out of arms]

So, I have to confess that I actually considered cancelling my GF order. I’ve been rethinking and reworking how I do a lot of things so that I don’t further damage my arms, and obsessively working in Inkscape just is not an option for me anymore.

I’m sure I’m not the only one on this forum who knows the joys of “binge coding” or binge - whatever-ing. I love making things (or writing code), and it is easy to get so involved in the process that I don’t take enough breaks or pay attention to ergonomics (but, mom! I’m having so much fun! I don’t want to stop!). I’m now the “poster child” for how that can be bad for you.

All the videos of “look a kid can do this!” and “you don’t need to be a designer - it’s easy!” made me realize that I don’t have to be a “power” user to love my GF. My arms will likely heal over the next few months, but until then, maybe my GF use (and contributions to the forum) can be more from the perspective of a laser noob who has some ergonomic and chronic pain challenges [sigh] .

haiku is the perfect art form for me now - brief. I can scribble it. I’m looking forward to lasering a lot of haiku. So, here are a couple I keep repeating to myself…

a life well lived is
not predicated on the
absence of all pain

it is not about
making great art - it’s about
art making life great

Thanks again for being such a great community! I will certainly post projects on my GF once she arrives :slight_smile:


Be well, @cynzu. Enjoy your GF


Congrats on your email!!!

Now did you reply with …


I wish you a very speedy recovery. I think you have a fantastic attitude. All the best.


Congrats!!! Wishing speedy recovery of your arms! Can’t wait to see what wonderful things you will create!


I’m so glad that you didn’t cancel! FWIW, I have faith that you will heal and that you are going to LOVE this machine. Not being smarmy - I am genuinely rooting for you in terms of the health stuff, and excited for you in terms of the :glowforge: news.

Hang in my friend, it’s going to get a whole lot better. Hoping that happens soon!


I hope you are able to find healing for your arms (and have some fun with your Glowforge along the way :smile: )


I also have developed problems with the tendons in my arms while waiting for GF. I blame this forum!

It came on when had a very bad cold while on holiday in January. I could only sleep on my back, which I don’t sleep well on, and struggled to put coats on and off. It is only recently they got a lot better for no apparent reason. My left arm is a lot worse than my right and I am strongly right handed so it seems lack of use and bad posture has caused the tendons to seize up.

I hope yours improves like mine has (with no treatment).


You are going to be ecstatic, it’s just a blast and so easy to get up to speed. Obviously ask for help if you need remote hands to do a little AI or cad work, since there is a huge crowd here who can help on “bad days” (although with a GF there are no bad days)


I’m so excited that you got “the” email!
Hoping your arms are feeling better soon!! Maybe the challenge of making some non-computer-heavy designs will inspire some fantastic creations.


Please turn your auto reply back on so we can have at least a digital version of you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Today is June 14. No Auto-Reply for you! :scream:


Congrats on getting the email! :grinning::boom::sparkles::dizzy::crown:

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i’m sure you’ve already considered this, but do you have a decent mic? voice transcription is outstanding these days, and a lot of the design work you might do might be done with sweeping mouse motions, typically easier on your arms…


I might give that a try at home. At work, it’s code, so it’s weird (lots of line breaks, tabs, odd variable names and curly braces, etc.), and I swear at my my monitor too much :wink:


haha for sure, i get that.


Hope you heal up soon! Glad you’re sticking with the rest of us crazies! Can’t wait to see what you make!

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Just say “comment line” before swearing. It’ll make the code reviews more interesting for everyone. :wink:


Congratulations on the great news!! And I wish you a speedy and laser filled recovery :slight_smile:

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Congrats and hope the physical problems abate.

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