Off Topic: what makes you famous?


Inspired by some of the wanderings in the Matchy Matchy Laser-Cut Leather Bow Ties! thread. I want to know what makes you famous, @smcgathyfay, @dwardio, @thomas.alessi.jr, @cynzu and @cynd11 all had really interesting things I’d like to hear more about. For me I have my name on a paper that isn’t terribly interesting

Levitada ~ a tool designed for us

Absolutely nothing! These days that sort of makes me feel special :smile:


More coolness! :grin:

I’m afraid I’m with Kenneth…I got nuttin. :smile:


The papers not really interesting but it’s all I’ve got :joy: I worked in a lab on campus during college and was running the X-ray diffraction machine for a PhD student and then I put all of the graphs together for him and helped him analyze so he threw my name on. I did get to build batteries from scratch which was pretty interesting


Do past lives count? Was an apprentice to Galileo for a short time. Got canned though. Nothing since.


Seventh place in the 1999 world nethack tournament


Nothing for the world but in my own line of work I was the first guy sent to Rome to study after a 25 year hiatus from my diocese. Nice to have recognition for my language skills.

I do have a personal letter from Stephen Jay Gould. I’d say he was the most influential thinker in my life.

And then the fact that I posted the first unboxing video of a Glowforge. Third most significant day in my life.


Well, as you ask, I created several computer games in the 80s, including The Rocky Horror Show, which went to Number One on both sides of the Atlantic. I also created the animated series Slim Pig as well as several BBC Education animated shows including Spelling with the Spellits and Addem Ant. I’ve had several more TV shows optioned by various TV Networks/Studios around the world. I also had a pilot made of one of my animation ideas by Warner Bros. Animation, Food Chain, but they cocked it up and it didn’t go anywhere. I also illustrated a couple of dozen (at least) children’s story books. I also illustrated several comic strips including ‘Scazza’, a satirical comedy strip which appeared in the long running British Comic ‘Roy of the Rovers’.

Oh, and back in the day I also illustrated ‘The Flintstones’ movie tie-in graphic novel, which was an absolute disaster because the studio couldn’t make up their mind what style they wanted it illustrated in!


My name is in the credits for a whole lotta TV shows, but you’ve gotta have a crazy-quick eye!


Well being a kindergarten teacher is kind of like being a rock star. When you walk into the lunchroom everyone shouts your name and tries to touch your hand. So I guess I am somewhat famous in a small radius around my school lol.


But what did you do in them?


Well, I have written a couple of magazine articles for obscure magazines. The most famous is the one on using GPS for bicycle navigation. It has been read by at least 100 people. :slight_smile:

I was paid with several extra copies of that issue and my subscription was extended for a year!


I built Tetris into a Pumpkin and now everyone asks what I’m doing for Halloween this year. It was fun, but I hope I’m eventually known for something more than an electric fruit.

A couple of weeks ago I made the news for this:

But really, as long as I’m “famous” to my son and inspire him to be kind, creative, and solve problems, I’ll be happy.


That was you! Cool!


I have the first patent (with Apple) on that up/down/left/right/select navigation button in the middle of pretty much every remote (and a lot of dumb phones)…


I don’t know, JackOtet is going to be hard to top. I am sometimes amazed at what people will do for Halloween.


Nice–I’ve been telling all my friends about that since it hit the blogosphere! :squee:


I’m an editor for the casting departments of a lot of different shows and have also worked as a junior editor cutting a show’s web content


GREAT list of stuff! But…

Seriously?!?! The one where Time Warp plays over and over again? And you have to get like puzzle pieces and bring them to the gallery? I was just looking at this on my C=64 emulator over the weekend! What are the chances?!?! Also, what other games? I played them all.


That was you?!? I was there too! In a menial capacity–it was my job to polish the pendulum.