Off Tracks

After starting a new print, it went through it’s typical scan process in preparing for the print prior to having the button pressed. Midway through the scan, the device came completely off it’s track. I have PG Medium Draftboard in the unit, nothing is in the way of the tracking system. Please advise.

Check the high voltage red cable has not drooped low enough to catch on the heatsink on the right hand side. That has caused this in the past.

You can straighten the gantry and clip the wheels back over the rails, the bottom one is sprung so you can pull it down.

Move the gantry slowly forwards with the power off and see it it catches on anything.


Your board is too far to the RIGHT, it caught the under carriage of the arm as it tried to move forward.


Yup. Good catch. @stevenrhenry make sure when you place it that it stays over the honeycomb and not the raised lip. Material can extend to the back of the tray where it’s not honeycomb - but you definitely want it within the raised lips on the side, not extended over.


That was it. Thank you!

Thanks for the help in this thread, everyone. Since you’re good to go now, I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic. Thanks again!