"Office" Style GF Room with Storage

My Glowforge won’t be in a true workshop. I need to keep it kind of organized and neat, so I came up with some fairly easy storage ideas. I hope they inspire some of you who aren’t handy enough to go to the woodshop and don’t want to wait to cut your own when you get your Glowforge. Here’s what I came up with. I’m very happy with it and REALLY ready for delivery.

Glow forge will sit on the right. It will vent out the window until the filter arrives. Desk is from Wayfair. I got to looking at them when @dan showed off his office table from their site. It’s a small room, so the glass top and open legs make it look bigger. The desk is very stable. The Glowforge will span the glass supports at each corner, so I’m not too worried about that. There’s a comfy chair on the right to sit in while I monitor the cuts.

1st bit of storage. These are 4 craft storage cubes from Michael’s. About $25 each when on sale. 6 drawers for tools and scraps of material. The divided areas are shelves turned on their side. They easily fit 12" wide stock. I left the back off so material could slide through. That compromised the stability a bit, so I screwed them to the drawer units and they now stay nice and true. There are some smaller pieces of veneer, cardboard and acrylic kept at the ready in these slots. Laser safety glasses from Amazon are on the desktop for now.

I needed a work area in the room, so I got a corner unit with room for a laptop, material staging, and assembly. Wireless laser printer fills the corner.

This is an entertainment unit/bookshelf that fills one wall. Some books had to be displaced. I added more material storage by cutting slat wall for the top and bottom of this compartment. I put some 3/4" boards at each end to support the top slat wall and shelf, then filled the slat grooves with cheap MDF panels to divide the area. Boxes above are for LED fixtures and hardware. For now I have larger pieces of acrylic, hardwood/plywood, an old wooden briefcase that will be cut up to repurpose the wood and some foam. @chadmart1076, note the Calvin & Hobbes collections. Handy to read while keeping an eye on cuts. Well, @Pigheaded, I don’t have a huge collection of Disney ornaments, but do have all of the Disney Infinity Toys to Life gaming figures. They are little works of art. I was unhappy when they cancelled it. I still enjoy building toy boxes in the game.

All that I’m waiting for is something to fill that big empty space on the right.


Nice! I need to get some of those storage slots/shelves for the material…that is great thinking! :slight_smile:


Very nice and organized :hugs:

Those are a great ideas for storage.


Thanks, I hope the material won’t warp from storage like this. I see it stored this way in the home improvement stores. I wanted something like this because it is inevitable that the material you want will be on the bottom of the pile if stored flat. :persevere:


I think that was touched on here: Ways to store material?


Really nice indoor setup–much more livable than a more utilitarian setup, and great use of space.


Yes, I’ll have to keep an eye on the thinner pieces.

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By the way @elsman18, nice desk in this post:

I saw the post when @JeremyNielsen pointed me back to the “ways to store materials” link. I didn’t install the keyboard tray when putting mine together.


Thanks for sharing! I need to start figuring out my office at some point. It’s nice to see how other people are handling it.


This looks SO nice! My Glowforge won’t be in a true workshop, either…but like you have here, a very pleasant place to spend some time. Your room looks very inviting and cheerful PLUS some great storage and work space. Since we will need to be nearby when we’re using our lasers, it’s really fun to have a space that’s comfortable and has enough extra space to assemble things, etc. Thanks so much for showing us the photos. (I have a similar glass desk to work at, also)


Thanks for the kind words. I’m happy with it and hope to finish the decorating with a signature piece that will “make” the room in the next month or so.


Aren’t those two cubes square? You could have one vertically and one horizontally for material (to keep pieces “flatter”)

It is kinda of weird that as a male, I am building my “nursery”/nest for the “baby”.

I have a techcave (versus a mancave - no couches, fridges, recliners) which is currently being purged and rearranged for the stork (whether it is of the Brown species or the two-toned Blue and Orange) “lovingly” delivers the bundle of joy.

There is a likely chance Glowie will be getting some other maker siblings, but his older sibling Printster wants his own room because he doesn’t want to share his space. Where did my makerspace parenting skills miss their responsible goals? :family_man_woman_boys:


Fantastic setup!


Yes, but they are only 14" deep. With this desk there is not enough room to add another cube behind it. Only a small overhang, but also could cause some bowing if stored flat. I’m still not sure how much either storage method would cause major issues. If they do, I’ll have to displace more books in the book shelf to make a flat storage space or reconfigure part of the vertical storage.


I find storing BB on edge causes it to warp/bow for anything but 12x12 1/4"+ squares. The 12x20 sized for the machine’s capacity certainly would (I tend to use 12x12, 12x24 & 18x24 as my “stock sizes” I keep on hand). Being able to store it flat helps reduce that.

Minor bowing can be managed by using small Neodymium magnets to flatten it to the bed.


Love the C&H! And the space. Nicely done!


Very nice setup!
Way too clean for my style. Gravity and entropy it seems are both pronounced by my mere proximity.
You are all set!


I love it! nice job on that, it’s going to look even better with a beautiful laser cutter on it :wink:


Thanks, but it won’t usually be that way. Here’s my office/craft room. It can look as good as the GF Room. When I’m in the middle of projects - Christmas Cards and some decals for a customer - It looks like this. :scream: