Offline but internet is fine

i need help! my glow forge keeps saying its “offline” but my internet is working fine. i know this could potentially mean there is something wrong internally with my glow forge. However, I’m wondering if anyone else is currently experiencing this issue?


Try running the wifi setup again,


It could be that there’s just a hiccup between you and the servers your machine is looking for or your laser can’t properly connect to your WiFi.
The laser’s network chip is very picky and sensitive to any and all types of interference. New devices nearby, old devices moved, new or altered other WiFi networks in the area.
Gf doesn’t do well with stutters in WiFi or internet issues. Where you computer or other devices will buffer things or error check what it’s getting for you, the laser is terrible at this. So if while it’s trying to talk to the servers, there’s a hiccup in the data talking back and forth, it’ll have an error and report as offline because it can’t communicate properly.

Most often it just starts working again but as company support is slow, email/contact them now and if it isn’t back online by the time they get back to you, you have their attention.


I’ll echo that.

My wifi is perfectly fine (I have commercial tools to check it) and yet the calibration failed repeatedly. I even added a wifi repeater which boosted signal strength but it did not work. I ended up having to temporarily install an old, second router to complete the process.

I only needed it for the calibration process, and that was years ago now with no further issues. The wifi module in the GF is not a “quality part”…


Sometimes mine does that and it’s fine once I reboot everything and turn the machine off and on.
I start by rebooting the computer and turning the machine off and on. Occasionally I might need to reboot my internet gateway.

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