Offline Engrave

I’m using set focus and the right details for it but it’s not accurate

Ok and if this doesn’t work what should i do…?

Can you share a screenshot of your placement and then the photo taken afterwards (before you lift the lid) to show where it actually engraved.

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Sorry to keep you waiting i had family matters.
I set focus right where i needed then imported the art work, I did not open the lid after it finished engraving the cam refreshes and shows that the TEST word was engraved on top like its shown in the pic

Yes, that is too far off. Did you turn the machine off and back on before this test. It still seems that the printhead is not where the software thinks it is.

yes i did

btw i did not set focus outside the grey rectangle where the laser can’t print

Glowforge support is going to have to look at your logs and see if they can determine what is going wrong. While waiting for them, make sure your honeycomb tray is properly seated with no debris in the floor dimples. Make sure your material does not extend over the edges of the honeycomb tray, and maybe try a test right under the lid camera. Just score a small circle or
square and document how far off it is with a screen shot. They will be able to help you.

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i will do one in the middle

sadly it didnt work same problem didn’t open lid

Has it even been accurate? Support will be able to look at the pictures it’s taking during the calibration to see if anything is askew there.

Does the lid shut properly? With the machine off, how does it feel when you move the head across the range of motion, and the gantry? Any resistance or anything feel weird? After it centers upon power on, does the head park in the correct spot in the back left ?

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It’s not even close to accurate and everything seems to run normal… and the door and kids are completely shot everytime i want to print i jave to physically move the board up a bit and to the left a bit so i can have my print to near accurate , when i first bought the machines i used to set focus normally and would work without a problem auto also was no problem but now it suddenly just quit on me as if it doesn’t want to work… I’m not asking for precision from the machine just wanting the print to be aligned as if it supposed to when setting focus not jump out by 2cm and 1cm up and left…

The center print is off in exactly the same way the other print is off. Almost like the printhead does not home all the way to the left and too far back.

you can pick up a cheap digital caliper measuring tool for about 10 bucks at Walmart. It is accurate enough before anyone suggests you have to spend alot more on one for more accuracy. Close enough is close enough.

We are talking about off image placement as for the thickness i have a caliper and its 100% percent accurate

I was recalibrating now is it normal that it would stick to 0%…

Taking measurements of your material height.

This process can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the strength of your wifi signal. To ensure the most accurate alignment, be careful not to bump or lean on your Glowforge. Opening the lid during this time will start the process over again.

Measurements are 0% complete.

not completed and calibration complete :sweat_smile: what the hell :stuck_out_tongue:

@dklgood I’m sorry if i’m bothering you but does Glowforge support team take more than 24 hours to help ?