Offline or other issue?

I have gone through every troubleshooting option that I can and it is still saying offline on my end. My internet connection is working just fine. I’ve restarted my computer twice. I’ve disconnected wifi twice. I’ve turned the glowforge off. I’ve tried going through the setup procedure twice. It detects my computer and then tries to connect to our internet and that’s where it stops. I keep getting the error message that it can’t connect to my internet. We have no other issues with any other device in our home except the glowforge. Yes, it has a direct line to connect, as well as a booster to make sure the signal is strong enough. I’m at a loss and need to process orders.



Some people on here have used their cell phones as hot spots to connect. Have you tried that? It is one way to rule out a wifi issue. Others have mentioned how the GF is very picky about the signal. Your other devices may work fine but the signal still may not be what the GF needs. Other devices in your household or even your neighbors can also interfere with that signal.

I’ve had my glowforge since May. i used it as recently as last night with no issues.

I’ll try my phone but don’t understand why all of a sudden I can’t connect

Worth a try to rule that out.

Tried that and it didn’t work. I’m at a loss.

Sorry to hear. Hang in there and someone with more knowledge than me will come along.

Thank you for your help! I appreciate it greatly!

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You should start your own thread in problems and support or email them directly. They may not see your response in this post.

I’m back up now. So weird.

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Ahh, good to hear.

I’m sorry for the trouble with your Glowforge. I see that you’ve emailed us about this, and I’ve sent you a response with additional information there, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email.