Offline- Troubleshooting Day 2


My Glowforge has been offline for 2 days now. I have tried every step on the Glowforge troubleshooting guide, to no avail. Here’s everything I’ve done:

1- unplugged everything and let it rest (Glowforge, laptop, modem, and router)- multiple times
2- updated the router firmware
3- booted everything from the 2.4 network to make sure it isn’t overloaded
4- attempted to pair off two different mobile hotspots (Android and iPhone)
5- changed my network to an open network temporarily to see if it would connect

I’ve been trying to connect incessantly over the past 2 days.

Nothing. The Glowforge will connect to my computer, but not to the actual network. The laser starts up, pulses the fan for a moment, and then nothing. No clicking sounds of focusing and doesn’t attempt to home, and it is forever offline. My router is sitting on top of my Glowforge. Absolutely nothing impeding its path.

My 1 year warranty on my pro is about to expire any day now. My machine is a paperweight.

An email has been sent to support yesterday afternoon. It’s been over 24 hours with no response.

Please help!

They will get to you. You have also opened another support ticket by posting here.

Hi @LisaP -

I have opened another thread directly over email to discuss this issue.

Since we’re chatting over email, I’m going to close this thread.