Oh joy

Wonder how long this will last…

Got it too… Came here to see if there was a fix yet!

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I’m glad I’m not the only one :frowning:

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Mine just changed to this

Screenshot 2022-01-24 155915


Me too -

Perhaps it’s rebooting.

Of course:


Yep, The dreaded 404.

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Hope it resolves soon, my last job didn’t come out all the way and I just want a quick 1 minute job to pop it out T_T


OK, it just changed:


Mine just came back up…

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@ [eflyguy] - where do you go to see the screen you have in your screenshot:

It’s in the support pages.

Yup, it’s back

It’s amazing to me how dependent we have grown on connectivity in a short time. An outage that lasted over an hour, I was driving into the neighborhood and saw a Comcast van with a guy working in a cabinet. I asked about the outage and he said “This has nothing to do with that, but if your internet is down, you can believe someone is working on it right now!”

You could have said that about electricity not all that long ago.

I still have friends in South Africa and they regularly have blackouts, for hours. Entire businesses shut down (two of my friends own businesses, they just have to send everyone home yet still pay them.)

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Absolutely! So much we grow to take for granted when it’s always there, like relieving ourselves into potable water.
Diving the Bahamas in the 80’s, the islands had to endure rolling blackouts so the resorts could stay powered. A native there told me when the power company wanted more money and didn’t get it, they just turned the power off… I’m guessing the power company had its own army.

The political gendarmes, in most countries, including this one it is the case at some level.

Not going to dispute what you were told, but it makes no sense. Power companies charge by usage. If they have capacity and shut it down, they earn less.

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Until their demands are met, then turn it back on.

Yeah, I have no first-hand information, I just saw the rolling power.

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And then there is Florida :angry: Solar power is more economical in Massachusetts than Florida and that was before the recent crazy.

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