Oh noes!

I think I’ve been adopted by another feral. (Beautiful kitty though…coal black long hair, polydactyl, with the most beautiful large clear green eyes.)

Definitely a Hemmingway kitty…he/she is a talker. (Must be a she…Rogue doesn’t threaten her vocally.)

Feed them twice and they’re your best friend for life. I ought to know better but I can’t see a starving cat.

Dadgummit! Going to have to catch her and have her fixed. :neutral_face:

(Sigh…prepare to bleed.)


I use welding gloves to help protect me when I handle rabbits. Good luck!


I’ve always been jealous of animals with extra digits.

@soldiercoleman There are few things worse than rabbit scratches. Take forever to heal!


I honor you for your help for the wild ones that need it so much. Yay for @Jules !


Thanks for taking care of the fuzzy ones :smiley_cat:
We just found a good home for a little siamese mix that suddenly showed up. Gorgeous blue eyes and after 2 days a complete cuddle bug.
Already have too many critters we adopted over the years, but so hard to give any up.

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Pics!! We respectfully demand pics!! :slight_smile:


Will need to edit in a few as not sure which order they loaded. Mr. Blackie makes friends with most but the little grey and white tabby did not want another cat in the house…


She’s outside the window now meowing to get in…but she would shred me if I let her. Pics will have to come later after we have been properly introduced. :sunglasses:


Congrats Congrats!!! I want another kitty too… your situation gave me an idea!

If I got another kitty and told the hubs that the kitty “adopted” me… would that work? lol


I swear, this one must belong to someone…she’s super friendly, if a little skinny. She actually did let me photo her.

(Will post pics later…currently talking mom through some Social Security stuff.)


How I guess you are right now :wink:


Adorbs! I’m surprised the kitty isn’t giving itself a little face rub on the hedgie though…they do love scritching!

Okay…got pics…she’s a tiny little thing…

She’s got the most beautiful clear green eyes. (My other babies have yellow eyes.)


how many cats do you have (so far)? wonder how mine would react to a new cat, since he is a big ol’ coward. well except he sees his arch enemy then you’d think he’s 10 feet tall and twice as loud :smile:


We rescued this feral kitty almost a year ago. Hubs surprised me with the fact that he agreed to adopt her (she was part of a feral colony being evicted from his work - if employees did not adopt them, they were going to be destroyed). He told me about 15 minutes before they let her loose in my bathroom, stinking and hissing. She quickly proceeded to destroy the whole room:

She lived under our bathroom sink for nearly 2 months, and it took a tremendous amount of coaxing and effort for her to begin to trust. She was well past the age when a feral cat can still imprint/accept humans, but we kept trying. Fortunately, my dogs were totally welcoming and supportive (bribes helped):

She’s surprisingly well socialized now. Still skittish, but very affectionate. I was so mad at him for taking her, but now I’m glad he did. I adore her, and I’m pretty sure it’s mutual:

She also had an unexpected and wonderful impact on my cranky old man cat, who’d lost his sister about 8 months prior. They were a 10 YO bonded pair, and he was truly inconsolable without her. I have never seen an animal grieve as intensely as he did. He was absolutely miserable after she died, and frankly, he was miserable to be around:

(it’s just the angle, they weren’t really that huge!)

Since we adopted the feral, he has done a complete 180. You can laugh, but I genuinely believe that she helped to heal his heart. He is happy and sweet again (or at least, as happy and sweet as a cranky old man can be).

All that to say, do it! Saving that feral cat might just save you too :revolving_hearts:


(AT&T commercial) … moving Mr. Smooches is never easy… ha!

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I have three currently…all part of a feral family (mother and 5 babies) that got forced into the yard after a flood. Still have the mom and two of her kits (all grown now and getting elderly) that we couldn’t find homes for.

One of them though won’t take kindly to another kitty being brought in. So I’m going to try to find this one’s home. She keeps following me around like a dog…she can’t be feral.

She also keeps trying to knead me…and that cat is LOADED for bear with the claws! Couple of extra toes on each front foot…ouch!

(We have a Neighborhood bulletin board. She must belong to someone.)


(it’s just the angle, they weren’t really that huge!)
I used to say the same thing about my ex mother in law. Ha!


Wonder if she might be 'chipped?


Here’s our two rescues. Littermates (!) coming up on 14 years. Rescues Rock!

Maggie weighs twice as much as Orca (the runt of the litter).


We had a feral kitten once. mum rescued him from a thorn bush :crying_cat_face: and took care of him. once returned from the vet he got stuck with us. was a beauty and also a kneader. :smile:
Unfortunately he got Feline distemper and died about a year in.

My tabby is a healthy farm boy thank god!