Ok, I'm an idiot but please help me anyway!


Hey guys, trying to complete the Shoji votive in the catalog and the wood frame came out beautifully. For the life of me I can’t see where the second page is for the acrylic inserts though! Where do I find this elusive page? TIA!


It should be on your app.glowforge.com home page - they are two separate design files.


And so it is! Thank you! :smile:


You’re not an idiot – ran into the exact same thing with mine. I purchased them in the Shop Catalog and clicked “Open this design in the app” (or words to that effect). It loaded part 1, the wood design. Was likewise wondering where the acrylic parts were. Opened my dashboard and refreshed it, and part 2 appeared. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the answer @jbmanning5! I’m glad you were able to find it, @jeanneleigh. Happy printing!

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