Okay, I'm thrilled! 🤗


Yeah, once you see it, you’re going to be underwhelmed. :smile: But one of the reasons I got into this thing was to be able to make what I want if it’s impossible to get any other way.

And this little item is so obscure I don’t even know what to call it.

Saw one in a picture, thought “Man! What a great idea!”, and then spent the better part of a day trying to find one.

No joy.

Sass to the rescue:


Extra points if you can guess what it is used for. It’s a specialty kitchen tool for taking care of an annoyingly slippery problem in poultry preparation. (Cooks will have a slight advantage here.)

It’s a chicken tender tendon stripper.

Sometimes the simple yet brilliant things in life make me smile. :smile:

Update: You do want to use 1/4" acrylic for this…it’s useable at 1/8th but just a hair too floppy. Quarter inch is going to do it better. Oh, and it survives the heat sanitization cycle just fine in the DW.


That is a cool effect the way you fuzzed out the text! How do you do that?


Gees…I guess that’s why I had no advantage…I pretty much don’t like cooking…never have, never will. I do it anyway, though. Never, never have I heard of a tool like that nor a reason for a tool like that. SO cool though that you made one for yourself!


It’s in edit…options…



I don’t cut up whole chickens but yes, this is exactly why I make and the :glowforge: works perfect for so much of it!


I don’t cut up whole chickens either unless I’m doing a gumbo or making stock. (Too messy).

But the tenders in the package at the store aren’t usually de-tendoned. And the dad-gummed things are impossible to grab, they slip and you usually wind up with a knife tip stuck in your hand somewhere.

With this, you just thread the tendon end through the slots and pull. Zips the tendon right out. (Freaking brilliant.) Similar to the shrimp de-veining tools.

I’m going to have to whip up some stir fry this weekend. :yum:


Would be great to see an image or video clip of your widget in action @Jules for us who have no culinary inclination at all. :rooster: :hocho:


I looked for the one that I saw and couldn’t find it again…it was in another language ( Chinese, I think) and the chef was using a pair of connected disposable chopsticks to strip the tenders. I wanted to design something that could be reused. :slightly_smiling_face:


You could have a chicken puppet show.


Say that three times real fast.

But what a useful item! Never heard of it, and I’ve struggled with my share of tendon stripping. Well done!


That’s a great idea! In my days as a Chef, I’d do that with my knife, but I may have to give this a try!


What, are you saying it’s harder than Jacques Pepin makes it look?


Everything is harder than Jacques Pepin makes it look. :slight_smile:


A tendon puller-outer


Particularly if you prefer not to wear your raw poultry. :smile:

I’ll share the file for all you “cookers” out there…this one is as yet untested and it might work better in 1/4" acrylic.

(I’m just out of thick acrylic. Oh crud, and I just placed an order two nights ago. :woman_facepalming:)

ChickenTenderTendonStripper.zip (724 Bytes)


Ingenious! My current practice of buying chicken breasts at a certain Kroger … The tendon is usually gone. Any other store and I’m a very unhappy gal.

Thank you for the file!


Thanks @jules!


Somewhere along the line I slipped into buying the “All Natural Free Range Still Got It In There” variety. I didn’t realize that Kroger prestripped those out, I might need to rethink my purchasing habits. :grinning:


A “certain” Kroger … Have tried two others … And they don’t.


Oh! :neutral_face: