Okay now what?

I got my machine all set up on its stand and now what. I don’t have a clue where to find how to get it to wifi. Where is the page to see everything inside the machine like everyone else. No I didn’t get the link in an email so I am at a lose here where to go. :frowning: Also I thought with the pro they say you need safety info and signage I don’t see anything like that. People are saying you don’t get anything like that. When I watched all the videos they said that was happening. Sorry I just don’t want to do anything wrong. I saw a unboxing video with a little kid with no eye wear on watching the pro in use. So does that mean it is optional to wear them?

I believe the link is setup.glowforge.com.

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You should have an email from hello@glowforge.com with a title something like this “Your Glowforge is on its way (Glowforge Shipment Notification)”

In that email there will be a link to the manual. I don’t recall if it is in that link or someplace else but there is a link to a PDF with the safety training material.

As for the glasses, as long as the pass through slot shields are in place it is considered a class 1 laser device and no additional eye protection is required. If you removed the shields to use the pass through slot then you need the glasses.

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It’s on the big piece of paper that (normally) surrounds the button, but as mentioned above it’s http://setup.glowforge.com – beware, the pages contain text boxes that need to be scrolled through (be sure to read them all), before hitting the continue button.

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This may be helpful to you connecting to WiFi.
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