Old engravings

Old engravings on wood and cork


This is all great. I do notice some pretty heavy flashback on some of the tray pieces, I think you may be overpowering the cuts a bit. That said, it’s a cool look so maybe you did it on purpose?

If not, and you’d like to know how I test materials to get around flashback it’s described in #6 here:


This is was made when I first got the machine, I gotten past that point and learned to get the right setting for my stuff . This is my first time posting anything. so I wanted to start from some of my first projects and work my way to what I do now . I found out today there a limit on how much you can post a day so I started with this one and a couple of others ones.


Well you made a heck of a first post! Nice work.

You’ll get past the post limit really quickly, pretty sure it’s automatically lifted in the first day or three. Maybe someone can correct me, it’s been a minute since it’s been brought up and I have forgotten the specifics of how that all works.

Speaking of your Wu Tang box, you might like this project I posted a while back:

Sort of matches the sword design on your box, fun coincidence!


This looks fabulous!

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Wow! Nice!

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