One-click puzzles with Premium, Premium yearly subscription (discounted now), and a firmware update for all: 2/24/2021 Latest Improvements



Thanks jae!

Awesome, thanks for the update!

The annual plan will be a lot more appetizing for many folks I expect. Somehow a one-time 239 is more acceptable than 19.99/month. Or maybe I’m just different than most.


Great news! Thanks.

How do I upgrade? I already have premium paying $50. a month When I follow the instructions listed below it shows me a price of $600.


I have the same question. I just purchased monthly and still on a trial period

I was just charged the 600. Don’t go near the upgrade till they fix this

It’s not broken… if you go to the directions, step 5 gives a code you need to enter. Let me find it… for March you use GF29352MA

I’d reach out to support about the oversight. They are pretty good about making it right.


I wonder if you can pay that yearly every year do you know?

I don’t. But typically they have locked people into their sign-up price as long as they don’t lapse. It’s worth asking Support for the definitive answer though.

Great features

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