One Escutcheon to Rule Them All


(Looks like @tsmaster had the same idea I did and beat me to posting by a day, but anyway…)

Since my Glowforge is named after the most legendary Tolkien forge operator, I thought this was appropriate:

More info over in Beyond the Manual.


I love a good escutcheon.


Beautiful! :grinning:


Cool name, cool escutcheon.


Celebrimbor, eh? I’m not sure it’s a good idea to be making any rings!


Very well done. Love it.


Bawahahaha…my forge trumps your forge!


This battle is gonna be EPIC!!




That’s a pretty nice crustacean. I will continue to call it that.


Once I get my permanent one the name is retired (and the 'forge will be cooled :wink:). I was surprised no one has caught the mountain since I posted it 6 months ago :grinning:

My Pro will be space themed.


I’m right there with you…I always have to cut and paste that word…and in my head, I’m mispronouncing it echelon