One Last try to figure this Out!

I dont know when it started . but the glowforge will cut 1/8 shorter on cuts going down rather than across. I have done a few things to sort it out.

All new belts, new fan and all new wheels . Tightened belts .

Is there a chance that although the belts run smoothly there to tight not enough play ?

Im out of warranty so glowforge tells me I am on my own.

would the camera have anything to do with this , anyone have any ideas ?


Did you try shifting them down towards the front of the machine by about an inch or so?
(To see if it is the design or the placement.)

If that doesn’t work, check for something mechanical…the arm might be hitting something, or there might be something going on with a side belt.
(You can watch a print and see if it bounces.)


This has nothing to do with belts, poor camera calibration is a more likely cause.

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Nonsense. The camera has nothing whatsoever to do with the motion of the laser.


Correct. The lid camera is only used for power-on centering of the head, and rough material placement. The “Calibration” procedure simply attempts to tune the latter.


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