One of my first projects


I’m a bit of a vintage display technology nut and have built numerous nixie tube clocks and even some scope clocks amongst other things. The reason I bought my GlowForge was that I believed it could help me realize complete cases and finished projects easier and as such, here’s the first successful completion of that vision. It’s not particularly complicated, just some cut 1/4 inch acrylic with some engravings to make a case for an all-tube dekatron spinner. It’s a project with a friend of mine and we’ll be selling a few at some point. I thought I’d share the end result as that’s what this bit of the forum is for…:grinning:


Looks great, Good job.


That’s so clean looking and awesome. Please share more of your stuff!


Excellent case! :grinning:


Anything in an acrylic case looks good to me, but what is it. Was it a kit? :thinking:
Beautiful job. :grin:


Case looks great. Please keep posting future projects.


Very nice, indeed. Pretty PCB, too.


Thanks! Yes, it’s a kit designed by a friend…I helped a little with a few things and put together the documentation for it. If you’re interested then PM me and I can send more details…It’s all open source by the way, so the design files will be freely available.


I really like what I’m seeing! You should turn it on for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very awesome!

On a somewhat parallel path, I have a box of almost 100 IN-14 Nixies and vintage HV driver ICs on the shelf. Maybe this is the universe sending me a gentle reminder.


Pretty amazing! Now don’t forget to anneal that acrylic after cutting. I’d imagine those screw holes will see some stress.


Here you go…

With regards the annealing of the acrylic, it’s not threaded. I use 3D printed Lada components ( which make assembling (and disassembling!) cases very straightforward with a little forethought. I’m attaching the kit instructions that I put together for any of those interested…

@coloradocaver - if you need any pointers of clock kits to put those IN14’s to good use then I have a few ideas…or you can just sell them to me… :slight_smile:
All Toob V1.3.pdf (5.5 MB)


Ha! I knew someone would ask to buy them. If there are any left over when I’m done gifting clocks I’ll let you know. I was fortunate to buy them before Nixie prices went crazy.

If you have any 4 or 6 tube clock suggestions let me know. I had done research a while back, but would like to see the current state of affairs. I may design my own boards, but time is precious.



I have plenty of tubes too…been into the hobby since 2001 before prices went silly too…so I know where you’re coming from.

Check out

Pete has a lot of clock kits and they’re superb value for money. There’s also Jonas’ IN14 clock which is less sophisticated but still a good clock (

PM me if you want any more info.