One of my first projects

I’m a bit of a vintage display technology nut and have built numerous nixie tube clocks and even some scope clocks amongst other things. The reason I bought my GlowForge was that I believed it could help me realize complete cases and finished projects easier and as such, here’s the first successful completion of that vision. It’s not particularly complicated, just some cut 1/4 inch acrylic with some engravings to make a case for an all-tube dekatron spinner. It’s a project with a friend of mine and we’ll be selling a few at some point. I thought I’d share the end result as that’s what this bit of the forum is for…:grinning:


Looks great, Good job.

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That’s so clean looking and awesome. Please share more of your stuff!

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Excellent case! :grinning:

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Anything in an acrylic case looks good to me, but what is it. Was it a kit? :thinking:
Beautiful job. :grin:


Case looks great. Please keep posting future projects.

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Very nice, indeed. Pretty PCB, too.

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Thanks! Yes, it’s a kit designed by a friend…I helped a little with a few things and put together the documentation for it. If you’re interested then PM me and I can send more details…It’s all open source by the way, so the design files will be freely available.

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I really like what I’m seeing! You should turn it on for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very awesome!

On a somewhat parallel path, I have a box of almost 100 IN-14 Nixies and vintage HV driver ICs on the shelf. Maybe this is the universe sending me a gentle reminder.

Pretty amazing! Now don’t forget to anneal that acrylic after cutting. I’d imagine those screw holes will see some stress.

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Here you go…

With regards the annealing of the acrylic, it’s not threaded. I use 3D printed Lada components ( which make assembling (and disassembling!) cases very straightforward with a little forethought. I’m attaching the kit instructions that I put together for any of those interested…

@coloradocaver - if you need any pointers of clock kits to put those IN14’s to good use then I have a few ideas…or you can just sell them to me… :slight_smile:
All Toob V1.3.pdf (5.5 MB)


Ha! I knew someone would ask to buy them. If there are any left over when I’m done gifting clocks I’ll let you know. I was fortunate to buy them before Nixie prices went crazy.

If you have any 4 or 6 tube clock suggestions let me know. I had done research a while back, but would like to see the current state of affairs. I may design my own boards, but time is precious.

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I have plenty of tubes too…been into the hobby since 2001 before prices went silly too…so I know where you’re coming from.

Check out

Pete has a lot of clock kits and they’re superb value for money. There’s also Jonas’ IN14 clock which is less sophisticated but still a good clock (

PM me if you want any more info.