One Ring Escutcheon: material/settings


Info on my One Ring Escutcheon:

Material: Inventables Brushed Gold on Black Acrylic 1/16"

Cut: speed 200, power 70 - didn’t quite get all the way through in some spots, but I was able to pop it out easily. Will probably go up in power and/or down in speed a bit next time.
Engrave: Speed 300, power 15, 340lpi - I think this turned out pretty good.

It was a little bit of a snug fit around the button, but nothing a little sandpaper can’t take care of.

Tonight's adventure in acrylic pins

Did you remove the plastic coating before engraving or not?
So far my experience (limited) is leaving it on makes for bad engraves.


That really is some pretty stuff…thanks for sharing the settings. Might need to order some of that. :grinning:


I left it on… didn’t seem to have any negative impact with the settings I used. YMMV.