One stick to rule them all!

I’ve found it interesting at times when I realize that there are things that are so simple when working in real world scale. One of those things is that you can space a bunch of lines out at 1/8" and print it out and it’s still 1/8" apart. This makes it dead simple to make a ruler or other measuring device. So, you can spend more time decorating them. Here were some we made out of tongue depressors at the Maker Faire to hand out.

I wanted to make something bigger and more decorative so I also made this one out of 1/8" cherry plywood.

I was pretty happy with it until I realized I’d forgotten the “0” line, so I just hit it with a sharpie until I cut a new one (I updated my file to have it ;)).


It’s a beautiful design… and don’t worry about the 0, it doesn’t count :sweat_smile:


Very nice! Tough to pick a favorite! (Okay, the kitty cat.) :smile::hedgie:


Perfect thing to pass out! I think rulers would also be useful for when you are constantly measuring things a certain distance apart that is not necessarily a nice even number. You can make your own ruler with Macphee units!


Yes, they were a hot item. And I totally ripped him off, though not with the rabbit. I had a bag of larger craft sticks/large tongue depressors at home and made them with a jig that would allow both sides. Put my referral link on it too!


Love the last one!
And who measures to 0?

My OCD is telling you to wipe your lens.


Now I want to make lots of little rulers with strange units. “That’s exactly 2-7/8 barleycorns wide.”


Like a Smoot-stick? One would need to use the passthrough slot on the Pro for that. :slight_smile:


I walk that bridge not infrequently…


Would a Smoot Wheel work as well? Might be more historically accurate :smile:

I fear @henryhbk is the only one hear who could add the ear…

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Hey. Maybe @macphee can get into the souvenir shops at the new theme park.


oh my god

Ooh, don’t know how I missed this til now. I really love the decorative edge one. I’m going to borrow the idea, but space the decorative edge so that each point corresponds to a measurement. Looks like a variation on this one could put the peaks on inches and valleys on half inch marks.

All are very cool, and the sticks were an easy inexpensive take away.

I was playing with rulers this morning and this topic bubbled up. Fortuitous timing?

Now more inspiration to play with.

Tongue Depressor’s! Too clever and useful in a doctors office… Hmmm, I may have a new supply source :grin: