One thing to check if Glowforge won't connect to WiFi

I just went through an aggravating problem that turned out to be all my fault.

I’m a new GF user. A few weeks ago a more experienced friend and I got together to do my first engraving and cutting. All went smoothly and we had a grand time.

So a few days ago I finally have some designs I want to cut/engrave for some pendants. I connect to the GF without problems. But the GF Will. Not. Connect. to my home WiFi.

Long story short, I had run a routine security audit on my Verizon router and, along with the normal device names that had connected, noticed an unknown “host-1”. I promptly freaked out and blocked it. Given the context of this story, you know what that host-1 device was.

What helped me make the connection (so to speak) between “host-1” and the Glowforge’s inability to connect was a friend who asked me to check my router one last time. I went back into the router, found and renamed that generic “host-1” to “Glowforge” and unblocked it. And happily started back on my projects. Laughing at and kicking myself at the same time.

Moral: Extra eyes and brains are really useful in troubleshooting. And check for any blocked devices on your router JIC, when your GF refuses to connect.

And, Glowforge, while you’re at it – can you please have the machine register itself on WiFi as “Glowforge” instead of a generic ID like that?

Thanks for reading.




Thanks for the tip, @redraeven. I’ve passed your suggestion on to the team, as well.

If you run into any other trouble, please start a new thread. We’re here to help.