One Vase, Two Vase, Three Vase. More?


This is amazing! I also really enjoy the wooden flowers


I am absolutely enamored with this one!

I aspire!


I love the idea of a custom wooden casing for fun bottles – what a perfect little gift with those cute flowers!

I see you got the vase design on thingverse – are the flowers available somewhere publicly as well?


I’ve just posted an SVG in the Free Laser Designs section, or you can just click here. Enjoy!


I may still engrave the actual bottle, but I like how this turned out as well. combination of geometric patterns, and come creative thinking to get the bottle in there. I may venture to Hobby Lobby to get more!


They’re so beautiful!


Awesome! Thank you!


What a stunning addition to a table!


Amazing! Well done! :clap:t2:


Liked this the first time I saw it, but really didn’t appreciate it until further reflection in @geek2nurse’s post. Very creative. Thanks so much for sharing.