Ongoing and updated list of items GF can cut

I make hand made greeting cards and I have a couple of questions about items that the GF can cut. I have seen lists before, but it would be so nice to maybe have an ongoing and updated tab, that is easy to find, somewhere on the website. What I specifically need to know is can it cut multiple layers of paper at the same time? Also, foam core board and Fun Foam? I use foam core board and both adhesive and non-adhesive Fun Foam on my cards to add dimension, it would be a HUGE time saver if I can also cut these materials. I know there has been some issues with plastics and foam and I don’t know how to tell what is okay to use and what is not?

Thanks in advance for anyone that is willing to answer!


Do a search for fun foam…you most definitly can cut it. I have posted several instances.


What about “cor-plastic” - the corrugated plastic used for signs outside ( like maybe political or Garage sale). It looks like corrugated cardboard but is a plastic. Seems like it could be messy or maybe toxic? Anyone know offhand?


You wouldn’t want to use it if it was made of PVC, but I see that the stuff that comes from Uline is polypropylene, which I believe is okay in a laser cutter.