Ongoing Catalog / Shop Error 500

Same problem as this thread Shop/Store Error 500

500 errors for two days here.

I wasn’t online here on Friday but definitely all day Saturday getting 500 errors in the shop. I was wanting to order but never was able to get things in the cart. I hope they are looking into it! @dan


Thanks! There was just a thread about it but it got closed too fast for me to add on.

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Interestingly, I also got the error, but if I manually removed the “?taxon_id=11” from the end of the URL it would load the page I was attempting to go to just fine. I didn’t try to buy anything so I’m not sure if the error would re-appear

seems like it’s been up and down all weekend for me (the shop, haven’t tried the catalog).

Thank you for letting us know about this. We’re investigating what may be happening here. I’ll follow up when you should be able to access the shop with no trouble.

Thank you! It doesn’t have clear rhyme or reason, let me know if you want me to run any tests. Using the latest Chrome on Mac OS 10.12.6.