Only see Engrave, No Cut Option

I uploaded a transparent .svg file with a red outline (from making a stroke in Illustrator) so I can cut an outline on cardstock paper.

It’s only showing me the engrave option that would take 45 minutes. I just need a simple cut for this outline.

Can someone explain what i’m doing wrong? And how to create this in Illustrator so the design/export is correctly read by my Glowforge Plus?

Welcome to the community. The red outline sounds like it must have a ‘fill’ in it if it’s only offering engrave. Double check that it’s actually a stroke with no fill.


Can’t quite tell what’s happening as your Dog Cutout.svg comes up completely empty in Illustrator. Care to post the AI file instead?


It sounds like you have a raster graphic only. A raster graphic will only engrave. If you have premium you can create an outline that will cut properly.


Well, I was going to say what svg? But, since you said that, I right-clicked on the empty space in their post anyway and I’ll be darned…there is one there. I looked at it too, in Affinity…and you’re right…there’s nothing in it.


The forum software removes raster images from uploaded files.


I guess that pretty much proves that it was a rasterized red line…? But, wouldn’t it have then at least showed up in Affinity or AI for ekla and me?..or do you mean it literally and permanently removes rasters from the file as soon as they’re uploaded?

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Removed from file when uploaded.

Has to be in a zip to preserve it for posting here. Not sure about PDF but I think the same.


drawing-1.pdf (5.9 KB)

PDF seems to preserve embedded raster images.


PDF did work for me, too.

It wouldn’t attach here for some reason. Here’s the link to download the .SVG

Yes, it’s a stroke with no fill. Transparent all around.
This is the file: Dropbox - Dog Cutout.svg - Simplify your life

Sorry what is a raster graphic? Is this something I can change in Illustrator so I don’t need to purchase premium?

In Inkscape (and native SVG) they are called paths. I’m sure an AI user will be along to tell you how to create them.

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Dog Cutout

Converted with Inkscape and scaled to fit on a standard piece of GF material.

Wow thanks so much! I looked into Inkscape and am unsure where to download. Would you mind sending me a link to download for Mac?

… but you can do that in AI just as easily.

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I was looking into the pen tool for Illustrator. Haven’t used it before so it’s quite new. I have to do a TON of these so was hoping for quick process for the future.

Took me 5 seconds in Inkscape. Same would be true in AI, I just haven’t used it in something like 20 years.

There are many AI users here.