Ooooh Blundering Blunderpuss!


I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later…

I just get back in from running some errands… sit down at the computer and get a project running on the glowforge…

Sitting here wondering why I was smelling so much acrylic… not an offensive amount, mind you, but I have virtually zero smell in the room with the GF running so any hint of it is more than normal.

Yeah, I totally forgot to put the vent/filler panel back into the screendoor… LOL. Luckily it was only a couple minutes into an engrave.


Stinky! :mask:


Yep, I just did that yesterday >_<


Just did that yesterday with some draftboard; that stuff seems way stinkier than acrylic or plywood. Blech! :nose::no_good_man:


Isn’t that funny? I don’t think the draftboard stinks at all, but the maple ply bothered the heck out of me at the beginning. (And since that was most of what came with the PRUs, I spent a couple of days running the fan full out all the time.)

Doesn’t bother me as much now, but it’s still not my favorite.


Heh. I did that once. But I was watching at the time. And I kinda went “Wow. That’s a strong smell.” “Oh, @#$%!” And quickly put the vent in the window.


Hehehe, once I forgot to open the blast gate and noticed a wind shooting out of the front door edges… :hushed: took me all of 3 seconds to yank it open. :roll_eyes: the blast gate that is.


I had the hose fall off the back of the machine a couple of times, upgraded to a better clamp.


Yes, when I bought the exterior vent hood I went ahead and picked up screw type hose clamps and am glad I did because there is not much flange to work with on the back of the machine.


you should probably mention this to support, if you haven’t already. a better clamp would be an easy change for them at some point down the line.


Got it, one of the first projects is a sign that reads “remember the exhaust!!!”


Or a bright red cover over the button, with the reminder engraved on it. :slight_smile:


Escutcheon time.


Ooooh, like those hinged flip caps like you see on fighter jet sticks so they don’t accidentally launch a missle at a bus full of orphans.


Yes yes and exactly for that purpose! :slight_smile:


My experience has been the same – This weekend I ran a series of deep pocket engraves (1000 power at various speeds) followed by cuts on draftboard and it was a low-odor operation. I was seriously impressed by how little the draftboard smelled afterward, too.


The very first escutcheon was precisely this:


I’ve got twins now. (sorry, bad picture)

The flashback warning is outdated now, looks like they (support :ok_hand::sunglasses:) have got that dialed in now.
I’m sorry, but I don’t recall who of you to credit for the inspiration of the lens cleaner box. :thinking:


That reminds me… I do need to read the manual about cleaning. I dont think it’s time yet but won’t be long at my burn rate. :smiley:


Check the Support button on the Interface now. They’ve got excellent Cleaning Tips in there.