Open house at my place for NYC Maker Faire attendees



Hello fellow florgers,

New York Maker Faire is coming up soon and it seems like a bunch of us are planning to be there. I’ve had this crazy idea to host a get-together at my house in the suburbs for an unknown number of semi-random strangers from an Internet forum. If you’re interested, send me a private message for the address.

The deal is that apart from going to Maker Faire on Saturday, I’ll be around on Friday and Saturday evenings, and all day Sunday. You’re welcome to swing by at your convenience, try out anything I’ve got in my workshop, hang out and chat, play video games, whatever.

Location: Long Island (Westbury), about an hour away from where Maker Faire is being held. You won’t need a car, that’s what the Long Island Rail Road and my fantastic directions are for.


The internet semi-strangers (7) I have invited into my home have all confirmed my perception here, we are a great bunch of like minded people.


Thanks for the generous offer! If it was just me, I’d be inclined to take you up on it! But since I’m a family of 5 going, I don’t think that’d work out real well for either of us. :wink:

But I look forward to running into you there! Haven’t decided which day we’re going up yet. I’m betting on the Saturday though.


That’s just what an alien brain slug would say if it posed as a forum member in order to gain access to your house, ate your brain, and assumed your identity. In any case, I’m willing to take that chance. And it goes without saying, outside of Maker Faire if any forum members happen to be in the area and want to stop by and walk around without wearing a helmet, just get in touch with me.


for people not familiar with nyc, the lirr is great and easy to use, so if transportation is the only thing stopping you, don’t let it.


This is such a sweet and generous offer! I’d absolutely take you up on it if I was going to be up there for the Faire. Hope many folks show and you all have a great time!


When is the faire and will there be a glowforge there?


23 & 24 Sep
And… yes. :slight_smile:

Also, I read your name way wrong at first. So I apologize for any weird things I thought about your sense of humor.


me too! boy, never considered how much a 4 could look like an f; i suppose it shares enough structure to confuse your brain at a skim.


Said the guy with a JACK NICHOLSON avitar from THE SHINING! Just kidding~!


“Heeers Johnny!” :crazy_face:


Sounds Legit!


I think this would be more effective.



Best laugh of the day! Thanks for that.


I bet I was, how can I say this…the most artfully decorated. :laughing::laughing:


Even looking at it now my brain twists it. I think it’s because, as you said, it shares some structural similarities, plus “four” starts with an “f”, plus, well… it makes a common word that your brain can sight-read. :slight_smile: Add it all up and… well…


What a cool idea! I wish I wasn’t scheduled so tightly, or I’d go!


Roflma. Good belly laugh on that one!!


So after 12 days, I’ve gotten a total of 3 responses: two for Friday or Saturday, and one for Sunday. Barring a sudden and unexpected spike of interest, I’d say this is less of a meetup and more of an open invitation. Especially now that I have an actual real-live Glowforge Pro in my hands.

So if you are or find yourself in the area and would like to stop by, during Maker Faire or otherwise, send me a private message through the forum.

THE MFNY meet up etc thread

Pinging this topic for visibility. I edited the first post to reflect the plan: message me if you want to come and I’ll send you directions.