Opt in for snapmarks

Please allow us to OPT-IN for the Snapmark beta. Basically, everything on the GF is in some sort of development anyway. Please give people the ability to use this awesome new tool. It’s not like there is a support center people can call if there are problems anyway, so it’s not like its creating more pain for the GF team. When people hit a roadblock they will come here and ask the community like they always do.

This looks like an amazing tool and I’m tired of wasting material lining things up.

Keep up the good work GF team!



what they have said is that they are running the calibration information on each individual machine and enabling it when each machine is validated.

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I hope it doesn’t take as long as it did to ship them. Cardboard jigs for stickers isn’t working for me.

$1 a sheet is starting to add up.


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