Optimizations for scanning from an iPad

It would be helpful to have a “scan from tablet” mode that:

  1. Turns off the lights in the glowforge, using the [suggest maximum brightness?] tablet as the light source. This both looks sharper and eliminates glare.

  2. Adjusts the focus of the camera to be ~0.25-~0.3 inches to improve the focus.

This is what it looks like with the lights on:

And this is with the lights obscured by electrical tape:


BTW: It works really well.


It would be nice to set the height for scanning things other than tablets.

Why not just get a screen grab instead, then no distortions.

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It is handy to be able to just slap the tablet in and grab from the screen to add to an existing design.

A screen grab means that you have to get the image from the tablet to the browser that is driving the GF, which is probably not the same device.

As well, the scan feature has a bunch of other functionality. Though it would be handy to be able to treat any image as a trace.

Nothing going to happen on this front. The lid camera is a fixed focus lens.

Edit: as well as fixed aperture. This wide of a lens, at the narrow depth, is going to be within the lens plane of focus. If your camera is blurry on this, it’s just as blurry on any other image. Might try cleaning it.

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I have put tape over the lights next to the camera to prevent glare in a trace.

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I’m terribly sorry for the late response. However, thanks for sharing your photos and suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.