Orange light after cutting

I was cutting a bunch of items. And half the sheet cut and then it looks like the laser stopped working but the cut still did the count down thing. When I lifted the lid I noticed that only a couple of my items cut. When I closed the lid to check to see if maybe I didn’t notice that part of my designs were not in the print area a orange light showed up. I searched the posts here and found it could be temp or could be cable. Its 67 in my workspace and 69 outside. My ribbon cable looks good. I disconnected it and reconnected it after checking my pins. I’m at a loss! This is my original machine. I have a second glowforge but I am heading into a huge show this weekend. My bigger machine isn’t due to me till October. Just hoping to get by till then!

What type of machine do you have? We are just fellow glowforge users and really only have any information you provide. Glowforge staff can pull information such as machine type or logs.

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It’s a basic. Have had it since July of ‘19 no issues.

Double check that you don’t have a duplicate file over the top of the other…that will cause the laser to do nothing except go through the motions.


Overlapping artwork only affects vector engraves, not cuts or scores - i.e. if you have the same design duplicated, it would not engrave, but it would cut twice.

An amber light indicates a hardware problem. Support can check the logs to see what the issue might be.

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Oops. Yes…you are right. I misread.

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It is still possible to have a heat issue. I had that happen when I put it on pause that something heated the head till it was hot to the touch and waiting only made it hotter. I discovered that only happened when put on pause, so I did not do that again.

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An overheat condition will halt the machine, it won’t continue to “go thru the motions”. It should also pop up an error on the screen.

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I’ll add - if you want to dig up how to download the logs (it is posted here) I’d be happy to take a look. I am not GF support and I can’t solve your issue, but the logs are pretty intuitive.

Here’s a post that covers how to access the machine’s logs:

It seems like the laser isn’t firing anymore. I no longer have the orange light but when the laser starts going there’s nothing coming out.

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