Orange Light and Overheating Message but it’s not hot


I have a glowforge basic and every time I try to complete a print the button turns orange and sends a message saying my unit is overheating. There is no way it is overheating as it is in my temperature controlled home and I haven’t even completed a print today.

I have already looked through other threads, ensured that my fan is clean, checked the air intake under the right side of the machine, and ensured that the head is installed correctly.

I have multiple projects that need to be completed this weekend and can’t afford to be out of commission.

Has anyone else experienced something similar/found a solution. I have message support and I am waiting for a reply.

might be a silly question but do you have the compact filter setting turned on by mistake? If you don’t have the external filter it should be grey like it is below.
this one lllll

Actually the top end for the basic is only 75 degrees F, and the temperature that matters is in the liquid coolant, which warms when the machine is running, so it can get warmer than the air around it.

Support can look at the logs and confirm whether it’s actually a temp issue or not, but in the meantime you can try cooling the room down, blowing a fan over an ice bucket into the lower right corner, etc. :slight_smile:

What is the temperature in the room where the machine is located (not what the thermostat is set to, unless it’s in the same room.)

72 degrees. I was able to get it running this afternoon, but it is still giving me the error periodically.

Also, unrelated to the overheating issue, when searching through the site today, I found a listing for a lens cover for the lens on the inner left side of the machine. My machine does not have a cover on that lens (it never has as far as I know). Should it?

Thanks for your reply!

Just checked and I don’t have it on

my guess is you are exceeding the duty cycle of the cooling system on the basic. not sure there will be any way around this, hopefully support can pull your logs and find if there is an issue.

You are also living on the edge when it comes to the temperature thresholds for the basic/plus models.
“Recommended Operating Temperature: 60F-75F (16C-24C) Basic and Plus”

Thanks for your reply. I do have a ticket in with support, so I will see what they say. The machine is in my basement and the room is typically equal to the temperature of my house. However, I am in Canada and it is -22 F today, so maybe it’s actually too cold even though the message says too hot?

Also, unrelated to the temperature issue, I found a listing in the catalog today for a lens cover for the lens on the inner left side of the machine. My lens does not have a cover (it never has). Should there be one there?

Quite possibly. Especially if you have not disconnected from any external vent while the machine is not in use.

if there is no lens in that hole i would recommend not using the machine if im reading that right. Can you send a photo?

You should go on amazon and pick up one of these they will help you better asses the living conditions of your glowforge.

I got the ring out and it looks like the lens cover is broken. It has been this way since I got it and I just realized it. I have cleaned the diagonal mirror inside a few times. I really hope there is no permanent damage. I will be ordering a replacement cover.

That would be hard to say but you might want to email support about that. it is a window that is there to keep the inside of the head clean. I’m not staff and cant really say what to do but if it was me i would not run the machine till i had one of those installed. my guess is the lens is in the bottom of your machine somewhere.

there is also one on the gantry itself straight left of the head. is that one there? kinda have to duck down to see it
lense cleaning instructions

That’s the one I am referring to. The lens on the printer head is fine.

I have been using the machine without it (almost daily) since July!

I just emailed support to see what they say.

Yeah that is not good imo. tell support about it for sure and i wouldnt use it anymore till you have it replaced or hear back from them.

I definitely won’t.


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let me know what happens with it, curious to see what they say.

It won’t harm anything to keep using it, but that part of the machine is meant to be sealed and if that glass has been missing, the inside of that compartment is contaminated.

Posting here is the same as sending an email, but if you’ve already sent one, they will continue to work with you via email.

i think getting material into the gantry optics would be considered a bit harmful myself. they are not really designed to be user serviceable parts and i don’t think you would be able to get access to the rest of the chamber without some extensive disassembly but i may be wrong. I still think it is best not to use it till the window is in place or until support gives word on it. Might save a trip back to the mothership.

I don’t disagree but if it’s been that way since July, it’s not likely to make much of a difference at this point.