ORANGE Light comes on @ start Up, Fan blowing full speed......... HELP!

Not Sure what to do as soon as I turn on the unit the fan comes on full speed fallowed by the orange light I have reset the WIFI
cleaned the Unit
Not Sure what would cause the Back Fan to kick on Full SPEED or how to Bypass that @ start up other then unplugging it from the board…

G/F is stuck @ focusing

Posting multiple threads won’t make the resolution any quicker. Each one, along with each separate email, opens a new support ticket that just makes the queue even larger.


Support doesn’t typically respond on the weekends, and their turnaround is quoted at 3 business days. As jb mentions, creating multiple support tickets will slow the already slow process down even further. It’s a bummer that your machine isn’t working, but patience is going to be your best friend on this. To set expectations, I’ve waited for over a week for a response, while others have gotten faster responses, the last few months have seen an increase in users and support tickets. If your machine needs to be replaced, and you are still within the warranty window, they may offer you a refurbished unit (I just got one that was pristine and had I not known it was a refurb, I would have guessed it was new) or they may offer you a new one, which typically takes longer to get out than a refurbished machine. Hang tight just a little bit longer, and I’m sure they’ll get you taken care of.

I’d suggest not creating another post in Problems and Support again, and if you’ve emailed them they will continue the discussion over email, or may close every post in here and continue the discussion over email regardless.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble. I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge to review, and compare it with the information you’ve provided.

  1. Turn off your Glowforge.

  2. Holding only the finished black surfaces, grasp the printer head as shown. Pull gently up and back to disengage the magnets and remove the head.

  3. There is a small tab in the center of the wire ribbon. Push down fully on the tab to release it, and gently pull the wire ribbon plug from the printer head.

  4. Take a clear photo of the gold pins inside the printer head where you just unplugged the wire ribbon. It should look like this.

  5. Pick up the printer head and wire ribbon. Make sure the tab on the wire ribbon is facing up. Slide the ribbon back into the head until it clicks.

  6. As shown, lower the printer head over the metal plate so that it rests next to the two round posts. Then push it gently away from you – you’ll feel a “click” as magnets pull the printer head until it sits snugly atop the metal plate.

  7. Turn your Glowforge back on.

  8. Send us the photo of the gold pins from step 4.

(Please let me know if you are not able to see any of the images provided in the instructions)

In regards to the trouble with the exhaust fan, the logs indicate that the fan is not spinning when first powered on. Would it be possible to obtain a recording of the behavior you are seeing so that we can narrow down the trouble?


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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email