Orange light, old bed image

Hi GF users!

I’m reaching out because I’m pretty desperate and having problems getting support to contact me.
I have an orange light or maybe it’s yellow when I start my GF. It never completes calibration and the bed image on the UI hasn’t been updated in almost 3 weeks. I submitted a request for support a couple of weeks ago and took all of the steps in the email but to no avail.

The current temp in my room is 66F, everything is clean, including the exhaust fan at the back, the carriage plate is on correctly, the print ribbon is connected properly, nothing is bent. I’ve disconnected the ribbon and snapped it back into place and I’ve heard the ‘click’.

Sensors on the lid are closed, nothing opened or damaged as far as I can see. I never over-extend the lid when I open it.

It’s connected to WIFI, I’ve disconnected and reconnected so many times.

The next stop is Vodka, with maybe a dash of tonic.

Has anyone out there had this problem? feeling deflated and saddened, I thought I had a good relationship with my GF. I didn’t see this coming. (long sigh).

Thanks in advance for any help received and Happy New Year to everyone!


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When you say you “took all the steps to no avail” do you mean you did the steps requested and submitted a response with what they requested and you’ve heard nothing since - or did they say they needed to push your issue to the next level. If it’s the former then posting here will let them know that communication was dropped. If it’s the latter, they don’t tend to touch base unless they have actual news - which can feel like they’ve forgotten about you, but it’s guaranteed that they haven’t. If that’s the case this post will remind them that you’re feeling lost!

It’s unlikely that anyone here guessing will get you better information than the staff can especially as they have access to the machine logs - but yellow lights, outside of temp issues, generally mean the machine can’t communicate. Can you post pictures of both ends of the white cable connections? Like this:


Hello @mariasheehanphotogra! I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. I see you already emailed us about this and I just sent a reply there requesting some photos to help troubleshoot, so I’m going to close this topic.

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