Orange light, then white light, then it cuts, then back to orange

Hi everyone,

I am having some issues with my GF basic.
This all started after doing some heavy cutting to prepare for the Christmas season. I decided to do a deep clean, clean the printer head, lens, wipe around the top and camera lens, vacuum out any pieces and then finally resetting the lens back on to the printer head.

I have done some extensive research on the forums in mediating the orange light problem. I have looked into the clips for the lid (all seem to be how it is supposed to be), looked into the ribbon connecting to the printer head (all the pins seem to be how it is), and reseted my router, used my phone as hot spot but to no avail.

The symptoms are as follows:
I start up, and then sometimes it will fail calibrating and go straight into orange.
Sometimes when I start up, then printer head would calibrate and then go to the center but fails after that with the orange light coming on.
There were two times when I started up and it was ready for print. I send a simple square for cutting and it communicated and gave me the time to cut but once I send a more complicated design, the orange light comes back on. Now I can’t get it to ready up again.
I have adjusted the lens and that was when it did give me the white light but after the complicated design was uploaded, it failed again.

I am not sure what else I have or can to do at the moment. I have a massive pile of Christmas orders and we just ended up ordering a new machine (Pro) this morning but the worry is that it’ll come in a month time and it’ll be too late.

Is it the lens’ position? The ribbon? This all happened after I cleaned it…

Help anyone?

Sounds something was broken while you were cleaning it. A vacuum can generate static electricity which spells death for sensitive electronics. If all the cables are secure, then the machine will probably need to be repaired. Support should be able to check the logs and confirm what the issue is.

Thanks for the reply! Yikes. I hope that’s not the case. Do you have any suggestions how I can approach this? wipe down? anything? desperate times :frowning:

It might be something like the black lid cable that was getting stressed and finally broke inside…that can be replaced, but support is going to need to get it for you.

Just hang on till they have a chance to check your machine logs. All we can do is guess, and that won’t do you any good. (You’ve checked all the usual suspects.)

Thanks for your response.
I am hoping it’s something that’s fixable or minor. It’s just strange that it works for simple designs but not the complex ones.

Did you run through the whole Wifi issues check…yeah, I see you did.

You’re not getting any temperature messages on the interface screen are you?

No I am not. I know I did do some heavy duty cutting for the past couple days but I am in Canada, so it’s more cool than hot here that’s for sure.

Just let them check the logs…they might see something we can’t. Sorry.

Hi Jules,

It’s so strange. I came home on my lunch breka to look at it, it was still orange, but I pushed the lens a bit further in and it was ready to go. I printed off a star and everything is fine. Now when I switch back to a more complicated a design, it fails. :roll_eyes:

Could be multiple issues. The orange light indicates something mechanical, but the file hanging up indicates the file being at issue.

If you want to load one of the problem files here someone might be able to see something causing it to hang up.

Hi @RobB, I see you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’re working with you there, so I’m going to close this topic.