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Hello. Please cancel my order immediately. I cannot believe that your company can exist with as many problems as I have encountered with just trying to order and receive your product. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. This notification signifies the 5th shipping delay on my order. This is completely ridiculous, especially given the exorbitant amount of money you charge for your product. Please contact me immediately with a confirmation number of my cancelled order.

Posting first here on the forum is not the quickest way to get their attention. They only check a couple of times a day.

If you want to reach them quicker, send an email directly to support@glowforge.com with the Subject Line: “Need to Cancel Order before it Ships”.

Give them the information about your order number and when you placed it so they can find it quickly and cancel the shipment for you. They can respond to you directly in an email since it deals with your personal information.

Sorry it worked out this way.

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I’m sorry you want to skip the experience of owning a Glowforge. Here are two headlines from the Wall Street Journal today which may explain why there are delays in the supply of Glowforges. When companies like Honda have to shut factories, you know there are supply problems. Good luck. headline


Do you work for Glowforge?


FYI, I have been waiting for 9 months for a part to one of my lathes and I don’t blame the company it’s this wonderful thing they call a Pandemic.


Just curious. This is the 5th time we’ve been delayed which started before Texas storms. In fact, one email said our machine was finished they were just doing some testing.

Patience is not my long suit either, but many of the users here in the forum waited over 2 years for our Glowforges. We were excited, angry, doubtful, hopeful, suspicious and depressed in any given 24 hour period. There have been disruptions to the supply chain since the pandemic began, and there have been many things blamed on the pandemic when, in fact, it had nothing to do with the event in question. If you absolutely can’t wait any long or don’t trust the company you should definitely cancel your order. If, however, you look through the Made on a Glowforge section of the forum or the Gallery section of the Glowforge page and long to be part of the maker crowd, you may want to reconsider. As I said before, I wish you good luck.

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Hello @wood92c. Thank you for your request. I will go ahead and cancel your order but because this deals with your personal information, I will follow up shortly via email.

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