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I’m not sure if this is the right place to address this issue. I ordered some materials the 24 of last week and I haven’t been given an update on them. I was wondering what the turn around time is around this time of year? Last time it shipped fairly quickly and none of the items were sold out. I was just wondering if anyone knew.

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Yeah. Something is up, I ordered stuff 2-3 weeks back and it still shows as “unfulfilled”


I ordered some 3 weeks and it shows fulfilled and I have a UPS Tracking number but I have not received them. Seems no one can find it…

Ordered Acrylic on 23 November. UPS delivered on 28 November to West Virginia.
Received 4 separate notifications. An Order Confirmation, Order is on it’s Way, Out for Delivery, and a Your Order has been Delivered. All notifications came from support@glowforge.com


I had 4 orders with in the last month and this was the only one I haven’t got…

there are obviously still some inconsistencies with the new fulfillment house.

ordered 11/23 here as well. got the confirmation from GF. no more emails. got a notification from UPS 12/1 that a package would be delivered by end of day 12/2. a little after 6pm, that UPS notification changed to say delivery by end of day 12/4. looked at the tracking, it actually wasn’t picked up until 12/2 at 4pm. so outside of the weirdness of UPS showing a delivery date based on the label being made instead of package picked up, it was still 9 days from order to shipping and still no notifications from GF other than confirmation (and yes, i checked spam). ordered the same day as rpegg, live about an hour or so away from him, it will take nearly a week longer to get my package.

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Hi there - I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.