Order of Operations?

I got just my gf and have completed the 'Learn by Doing" projects.

I’m sure there is something I’m missing but it seems like cutting should be the last thing done. Scoring after cutting means that the print job has moved/dropped (as it isn’t part of the larger piece of material) before scoring happens.

Is there a manual way to change the order? If there is I don’t see it in the software.

Perhaps this is the correct order and there is something I don’t know << likely!

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You can drag and drop your steps in the column on the left hand side. Also, in your file you can use colors to “trick” the glowforge into an order of operations. I believe there is a topic about it in the Tips & Tricks section. Basically, it is based on the hex number of the color used. Black is first.


Yes, you can drag the operations/steps shown to the left of the window up and down to control the ordering. The order goes from top to bottom.

If you don’t see something listed as a separate step, you can fix that by giving it a distinct color in your vector editing software.


You can also automagically control the order in everything except the Catalog designs by using colors in a particular order.

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