Order# R311023590

Order# R311023590

I just found this when I went to try and check the status of my order. I emailed support but got a form letter back. I have a hard deadline on a project and I can’t wait for supplies. My card was charged and I received the email like I was charged. I am really confused as to what is going on. I checked the status and this message was posted

“There was a problem processing the following order. Please contact us at support@glowforge.com.”

I really don’t understand why I had to discover there was a problem and not contacted. Could someone please contact me so I can get this worked out? I really am desperate to get these supplies. Please don’t take what I am saying as critical I just need someone to please help. Thank you very much.


Quite often it’s because the card on file has expired. Might want to check the card on file. Though the card would not be charged in that case.

Occasionally that message pops up in the system…okay I see @rpegg has out-typed me. :smile:

Don’t panic…the order went through if you got the automated order confirmation email.

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m so sorry for the confusion. I’ve followed up with more information by email, so I’m going to close this topic.